Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions

Privacy Policy Terms and Conditions


Privacy Policy:


who we are

We are Durrel James Pita-Ponds trading as ‘A.i. Fitness’ or ‘Artificial Intelligence Fitness’ registered under the Australian Business Number ABN: 56 418 765 373 (collectively referred to herein as “A.i. Fitness”, “we”, “us” or “our”). We provide Internet and mobile application based services: 

– A.i. Fitness Mobile Application

About Your Personal Data 

This Privacy Policy refers to data collected about you using your device and your interaction with our services. 

“Personal data” is the information that can be used to identify you directly or indirectly, standalone or in combination with other information. This includes your full name, email address, phone number, location data, device Identification, cookies and network identifiers, information you have allowed disclosure with relation to Google Play and Android services we operate using and including your “Health, Fitness and Wellness Data”. 

How We Collect and Use Personal Data: 

When you Register for an account and interact with our services. 

When you input Health, Nutrition, Fitness and Wellness Data within our services that collect data or infer such data such as mobile device sensors such as biometric sensors or optical devices. 

When you interact with a connected wearable device or other connected devices. 

When you give us permission for location data. 

When you communicate with us or sign up to promotional materials. 

When you engage or participate in events activities, events, offers or programs. 

When you access third party products and services provided directly or indirectly. 

When you connect with us through social media or the Google Play services, publicly-available sources. 

When we collect data such as Cookies, Device Identification, Location, data from environment or other connected and tracking technologies. 

When we link you to friends for chats, messages, private challenges, interactions, sharing data, sharing achievements, sharing workouts and invitations. 

How We Disclose Personal Data

we may disclose your Personal Data for the purposes as described in the prior section of this Privacy Policy and in the following ways: 

  • To Affiliates and Partners
  • To Service Providers and Vendors
  • To Social Network Providers
  • To other users or Registered Users of Services associated with “A.i. Fitness”. 
  • For Advertising and Marketing. 
  • For Analytics and Improvement. 
  • For Interest-Based Advertising. 
  • In the event of an actual or contemplated sale. 


We may ask for your consent to process your Personal Data. You may indicate your consent in a number of ways such as providing us with your Personal Data through our services or a form or registering and creating an account with us. We may request your consent for a number of reasons such as: 

  • Marketing and Communication of ‘A.i. Fitness’. 
  • Sharing with Third Parties and their services. 
  • Third Party Marketing. 
  • Collecting Mobile device Identification, Advertising Identification and Data from Location and sensors on the devices or connected devices. 
  • Research. 
  • Advertising. 
  • Transferring data. 
  • Automated Processing. 
  • Connecting with Social Media. 
  • Promotions. 




Terms and Conditions of Use:


who we are

We are Durrel James Pita-Ponds trading as ‘A.i. Fitness’ registered under the Australian Business Number ABN: 56 418 765 373 (collectively referred to herein as “A.i. Fitness”, “we”, “us” or “our”). We provide Internet and mobile application based services: 

– A.i. Fitness Mobile Application

BY USING THE SERVICES, You agree that you are over the age of 18 years old and are of sound mind and understand the terms of conditions and agree with our privacy policy to use all services provided in accordance to the services.

You agree we reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions of use or the Privacy policy you are bound under associated when you use our services at our own discretion. We reserve the rights to reject supplying products and services at any time.

You understand that all physical activity and nutrition services are to be used as general guides ONLY and features and suggestions provided by the application may not be specifically tailored to You. You will seek the advice of your own medical or professional sports trainer or physician before acting or performing activities and features available within the ‘A.i. Fitness’ mobile application, otherwise will not continue use of the application. 

You understand physical activity has associated health risks that can lead to physical injury or even death, you accept and agree that you will only proceed and perform physical activities in the ‘A.i. Fitness’ mobile application that you have received professional advice and professional training by a licensed or practicing medical sports physician or professional personal trainer.

You take full responsibility to your own physical capabilities, for example knowing your capabilities of weight you are able to safely lift (without causing You injury or damage) or exercises you can safely perform (without causing yourself injury/damage), despite the suggestions and or advice provided to you on the ‘A.i. Fitness’ mobile application. BY USING THE SERVICES You agree to relieve all liability of suggestions, information or advice the ‘A.i. Fitness’ mobile application may provide to you, leading to physical injury or damages to your health or personal property you may incur or any other potential losses. You agree you understand your own capabilities and/or have been previously trained to perform exercises suggested in the application, advice and all other features, information and suggestions provided by the ‘A.i. Fitness’ mobile application. You also understand features, information and suggestions of the A.i. Fitness mobile application are not to be specifically performed and are mere generic guides and suggestions made to the broad user base to help guide your own fitness. You agree that you take full responsibility to any injuries or damages to personal property incurred while using the ‘A.i. Fitness’ mobile application and services, relieving ‘Us’ from any liability that may be associated with your own responsibilities in accordance to using the services. If you do not agree or have not received training in features, exercises or suggestions (nutritional/physical) by a medical or specially trained sports/nutritionist/health physician or aren’t a specially trained physician, we advise that you do not use the application and to uninstall. 

By using the services and installing the A.i. Fitness application you agree not to modify, copy or reuse any source code, assets such as media, video, advertising material or any other copyrighted material incorporated with the application or this website without permission. By modifying, copying or reusing source code you are liable for any damages you may cause to the application or the reputation to A.i. Fitness application or any third party library rights that you may breach due to negligence or breaching this clause of the terms and conditions of use.

You agree not to modify or redistribute any third party libraries or any source code that is incorporated in the ‘A.i. Fitness’ application. You do not have permission to distribute any related source code or any third party libraries from the ‘A.i. Fitness’ application unless agreed upon in writing from the authors and developers of the A.i. Fitness’ application for any original source code written. You do not have permission to distribute or modify any source code from third party libraries unless you have permission from the authors of the Third party libraries (to the exclusion of any modifications to the third party library made by the A.i. Fitness source code related to the features and functionality of the A.i. Fitness application made and written by the authors and developers. Which the rights would fall back to the authors and developers of ‘A.i. Fitness’ to the modification and redistribution of modified third party source code.) If you have obtained rights to redistribute, copy or modify source code from a third party library incorporated in the ‘A.i. Fitness’ application, you may not distribute, copy or modify any modifications made by ‘A.i. Fitness’ developers and authors and may only use the original source code solely written in the third party library or API being redistributed, copied or modified, where the copyright does not belong to ‘Us’.   

You agree you will not tamper with any source code or attempt to breach the privacy, hack, attempt to gain unauthorise access to any other member/s personal and private accounts withheld in A.i. Fitness products and services or any user’s account information associated with ‘A.i. Fitness’ application, products or services. 

You understand that any third party links in-app not specifically placed by ‘A.i. Fitness’ application such as redirected links in advertisements presented in the application, are not handled by ‘A.i. Fitness’ but our third party advertising affiliate ‘Google AdMob’ – a service we use for presenting advertising and revenue purposes. We do not take responsibility for the redirection an advertisement shown in-app may take you. You relieve liability to any damages that may incur after you the user has been redirected. We do not take responsibility of your actions and engagement with in-app advertisements. 

You agree we may provide your information for marketing purposes to help provide you with the best experience and relevant engagements with advertisers and our advertising agent/s especially when targeting advertisements towards you. 

YouTube videos supplied in the application have no affiliation or sponsorship to the A.i. Fitness name or application. All videos are randomly selected from the YouTube API, all freely accessable by any user without any premium membership or monetary requirement, with the search query ‘motivation’ and/or ‘(exercise name)’ relevant to the context of the user’s actions and engagement with the application. These videos fall under the purpose of education, we do not receive any revenue from YouTube displayed content.

No specific video is hard coded into the queries or linked to the application. The user agrees the queries are undertaken and used under the users own use at their own discretion for the purpose of their own education. We do not take responsibility for the content returned by the YouTube API as videos supplied operated by YouTube’s own JSON algorithms, The user agrees they have sufficient knowledge to determine the accuracy of the displayed video relative to the exercise they’re performing as they have received training in performing exercises and accept the responsibility and/or injuries that may occur. We do not take responsibility or guarantee the accuracy of any information presented to the user in the YouTube videos as we can not can not and do not specifically display educational YouTube videos for specific circumstances. If you are not trained in the exercises or have the ability to identify exercises or the accuracy of the information, You agree you will not accept the advice given to you by the YouTube video presented in the A.i. Fitness app and will not use this feature. We recommend you only watch these YouTube tutorials made by independent creators for entertainment purposes only and DO NOT under any circumstances follow instructions or perform the advice presented by the video’s creator at any time. 

The A.i. Fitness application is to be used for entertainment purposes only and is not to be used in any other manner.